When the first national lockdown started, forcing gyms and sports clubs to close indefinitely, many turned to running, not only as a means to maintain their fitness, but also because it enabled them to connect with others – albeit from a distance.

It was against this backdrop that BADRAT (Bridgwater And District Road And Trail) Runners was formed. Set up by Bjorn and Nick in April 2020, they wanted to give local runners of all abilities the opportunity to experience running as they felt it should be – fun, friendly and accessible. Their goal was to encourage each other to grow and develop as runners as well as a group of friends with a common passion for running.

Fast forward to 2022 and the club has nearly 70 local runners as members – including several who have become run leads, some even trained UK Athletics run leads. The Bridgwater Way routes form a core part of the running they enjoy as a club. Be it up from Stockmoor and Wilstock Villages towards North Petherton; out and around Wembdon and Durley; or out towards Bower and Huntsworth; they tread Bridgwater’s paths each and every week. Furthermore, The Bridgwater way leads them up to the trails at Kingscliff, a steppingstone from the stunning Quantock Hills (England’s first Area of Outstanding Beauty), which the club also runs each week.

Nick explains: “Well maintained, wide paths, that are well-lit and keep runners away from the fast main roads, have opened up a variety of wonderful, safe running routes, connecting not only the different areas of Bridgwater to each other but also to those runners within them.”

“As well as enjoying The Bridgwater Way routes as a club, they’re well used by members running in their own time, tracking their runs on sites like Strava as they work towards their own personal targets, local events and large-scale races.

“If you’re looking for somewhere to pursue your fitness journey, be it running, walking or cycling, The Bridgwater Way offers a great network to discover and develop your abilities,” comments Nick.

If you like the sound of joining a running club to keep you active and motivated, you’ll find BADRAT Runners on Instagram and Facebook as well as a number of other local running groups. And if you’re looking to mix up your walking, running or cycling with different routes around Bridgwater, do check out our map and route planner: maps.thebridgwaterway.co.uk