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Bridgwater is thriving with lots of positive opportunities in education, our economy and for business. We are working hard to make travel in and around Bridgwater easier and safer at a time when there is growing demand on our roads. The Bridgwater Way is providing initiatives to help you choose how and when to travel, and feel safe when making your journey. We want you to get involved, because it’s your choices that will make the difference in keeping Bridgwater moving. The Bridgwater Way is reaching out to schools and colleges, businesses, and the wider community to provide tools and support to help us make positive changes together.

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What is
Your Way?

If you are thinking about travelling in a way that’s new to you, like cycling or car sharing we can give you the skills or support to help make that change.

We work with schools, businesses and residents offering free practical help to get you walking or on your bike. We encourage travel alternatives with ways to save you time and money.

Explore the My Way pages to find out how we are supporting schools and businesses.

My way to school
My way to get fit
My way to save money

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