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When the first national lockdown started, forcing gyms and sports clubs to close indefinitely, many turned to running, not only as a means to maintain their fitness, but also because it enabled them to connect with others – albeit from a distance. It was against this backdrop that BADRAT (Bridgwater And District Road And Trail)… more

While you may be keen to exercise outdoors during the winter months, we all know it can be hard to keep yourself motivated when it’s cold and dark outside. One local group that’s not letting less daylight and lower temperatures put them off is Girl Gang Running (GGR); five women who run to get fit… more

While it can be tempting to make the school run by car, especially with winter bringing darker and colder days, there’s so much to be gained by making the journey by bike or on foot instead. We’ve rounded up just five of the benefits you can look forward to if you switch to an active… more

With lockdown driving many of us to work from home and engage in less active lifestyles, returning to the office presents the perfect opportunity to get your health back on track.  So, before you slip into old habits and reach for those car keys, consider the benefits of switching all or part of your commute… more

We all know that walking and cycling are beneficial for our health and wellbeing but it’s not always easy to fit regular exercise into our busy lives.  One Bridgwater local who’s found the ideal solution to suit her family routine is mum-of-two Tash from Wilstock.   Having received a bike from her parents as a Christmas present 18 months ago, Tash decided to switch from four wheels to two as a more convenient way to get her kids… more

While the great outdoors may be more inviting when the sun is shining, getting outside regularly for fresh air and exercise, whatever the weather, is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Summer is the perfect time to start nurturing good outdoor habits, which you can then continue into autumn and beyond.      Active travel An easy switch could be leaving the car at home and doing more of your everyday activity on foot… more