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While the great outdoors may be more inviting when the sun is shining, getting outside regularly for fresh air and exercise, whatever the weather, is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing. Summer is the perfect time to start nurturing good outdoor habits, which you can then continue into autumn and beyond.      Active travel An easy switch could be leaving the car at home and doing more of your everyday activity on foot… more

If you’ve been trying to get outside on a more regular basis, why not incorporate your exercise regime into your daily commute to work or college? It might take a little more time than driving, but the health benefits are huge. When you leave the car at home, you can choose to walk, cycle or… more

Whether you’re a committed cyclist or relatively new to it, chances are you’ve been peddling about a bit more over the last year. And there are so many reasons to continue cycling and build on the health benefits you’ve gained so far.  Cycling is great cardiovascular exercise, which is good for your heart and lungs, and it also helps raise… more

Most parents say they can’t believe how quickly their children grow up. That’s why it’s important to carry on doing as many things together as you can, to make the most of every moment.  Going out for a relaxing walk or cycle as a family seems to slow things down, so you can enjoy what you’re doing… more

Statistics tell us that one in three children aren’t getting the recommended amount of exercise each day – but how do we help our kids exercise more while keeping them safe? Teaching them road safety and encouraging them to walk or cycle to school is a great way to start.  Children who walk or cycle to school… more

If you’ve been walking more since the start of the pandemic, you’ve probably seen some positive changes. And even if you haven’t noticed the benefits of walking, they’ve definitely been going on in the background. There’s every reason to carry on getting out on foot after the lockdown ends – and the Bridgwater Way offers miles of routes round the… more