Statistics tell us that one in three children aren’t getting the recommended amount of exercise each day – but how do we help our kids exercise more while keeping them safe? Teaching them road safety and encouraging them to walk or cycle to school is a great way to start. 

Children who walk or cycle to school arrive feeling alert and ready to learn. Exercise builds strong muscles and bones, helps with concentration and burns off excess energy so kids sleep better tooIt can also help children to feel happier and more confident, paving the way towards greater independence as they get older. 

It’s easy to get into a routine that includes getting dropped off at the school gates in mum or dad’s car, but ideally children should feel it’s just as normal to walk or cycle to school as it is to get there by car or public transport.  


Make the change 

The Bridgwater Way was created to help people make the switch from the car to healthier ways of getting around. Many of the routes are off-road, which is perfect if you’re walking younger children to school. There are cycle routes mapped out, or you can enter your starting point and destination to see the best routes for your journey.  

Build your children’s confidence by accompanying them on their journey to begin with. If they’re cycling, make sure their bike is safe and that they have lights and reflective clothing to ensure full visibility at all times. 


Extra help 

There’s plenty of help available for schools and parents to encourage children to walk or cycle to school, with Bikeability training and cycle health checks available at most schools. You can find more information on our My Way to School or College page.


Head to our map to start planning your route.