If you’ve been trying to get outside on a more regular basis, why not incorporate your exercise regime into your daily commute to work or college? It might take a little more time than driving, but the health benefits are huge.

When you leave the car at home, you can choose to walk, cycle or scoot to work and arrive feeling energised and ready for the day – and you can pat yourself on the back for having already done the day’s workout too. And don’t forget, you could also walk the kids to school on the way.

Making the most of our daily exercise during lockdown became a healthy habit for lots of us – let’s try and keep it going.

A new way to travel

Walking is great for relaxation, and when you’ve got The Bridgwater Way routes on your doorstep, why not make it your main way of getting around – at least some of the week? It’s free, good for you, and it’s wonderful to get out into the fresh air. There’s something special about being in touch with the elements; you really notice the turn of the seasons, and you get to experience your neighbourhood in ways you’d probably forgotten, or maybe not even noticed before.

Why not map out your route and buddy up with a neighbour (observing the appropriate social distancing measures) or a colleague to make the most of the Bridgwater routes? It’s so much nicer to catch up with friends while you walk or cycle than it is to be stuck in a traffic jam.

More time, more money

You can also use your commute to grab a little ‘me time’. Listen to a podcast or audio book or tune into your favourite music. You could even learn a new skill. Taking the rush out of the rush hour puts the focus back on you, reduces your stress levels and gives you the chance to choose how you spend your precious time.

And what about that cash you’re going to save? You’ll be able to make much better use of the money you would have spent on petrol. And with the fitness-boosting benefits of taking the bike or walking to work, you might even be able to enjoy an extra ice cream or two without piling on the pounds.

Find your way by using our cycle map and route planner: maps.thebridgwaterway.co.uk