While the great outdoors may be more inviting when the sun is shining, getting outside regularly for fresh air and exercise, whatever the weather, is so important for our physical and mental wellbeing.

Summer is the perfect time to start nurturing good outdoor habits, which you can then continue into autumn and beyond. 



Active travel

An easy switch could be leaving the car at home and doing more of your everyday activity on foot or by bike. For example, commuting to work on your bike rather than battling traffic in your car, walking the kids to school while they zip along on their scooters or heading to the shops on foot and avoiding parking fees. 

As well as being a means of getting from A to B, walking and cycling are great leisure pursuits, helping you unwind and clear your head after a busy or stressful day. A gentle walk soaking up the scenery can do you the world of good or, for a more vigorous workout, wear yourself out with a run or long bike ride, which could also help you sleep better at night. 


Buddy up

If you’re more motivated by getting out and about with someone else, turn a sedentary catch up with a friend into a walk or bike ride together, getting a good dose of fresh air and burning calories at the same time. And perhaps also finding a new route to explore that you never even knew about. 

For a family outing to encourage the kids to burn off some energy, you could explore one of the routes on The Bridgwater Way on your bikes and scooters. Or if heading out on foot, take a ball to throw around or make up some challenges for each other as you wander, such as spotting a particular type of leaf, colour of bike or road sign. 


To help you up your activity levels, find new routes to trial on our cycle map and route planner: maps.thebridgwaterway.co.uk