Most parents say they can’t believe how quickly their children grow up. That’s why it’s important to carry on doing as many things together as you can, to make the most of every moment. 

Going out for a relaxing walk or cycle as a family seems to slow things down, so you can enjoy what you’re doing rather than seeing it as a means to an end. No matter how young your children are, or how grown up, there’s a way of bringing everyone together – the adults can walk while the children cycle or scoot, while little ones can enjoy being pushed along in a buggy.  

The fresh air will help with sleep, while physical activity is known to help brain development in little ones. Most children love being outside and exploring nature, and a break from screen time can only be a good thing, encouraging you all to interact with each other and your surroundings.  


Keeping kids fit 

Family walks or bike rides on The Bridgwater Way will also help keep your children healthy. Exercise builds strong bones and muscles and helps with concentration, as well as being a stress-buster – something that’s crucial to children as well as adults. But recent research has identified that one in three children in England does only half the amount of exercise recommended by government guidelines.   

The exercise that children do at school, plus any that they do out of school, should amount to around 60 minutes a day, according to Sport England, although many are doing much less. 

You can make family outings more fun by encouraging children to spot birds, shrubs or trees, or take it in turns to tell a story. You will also find that the conversation flows more easily when you’re away from the home – your children might ask you more questions or talk to you about something that’s been troubling them. It’s amazing what a change of scene will do.  


Find your family-friendly route using The Bridgwater Way map.