You are not in traffic – you are traffic!

In 2013 there were 35 million cars registered for use on the UK roads. But our perception of car travel is changing. With more vehicles on the road, this brings challenges particularly when roads are busiest. Did you know by tweaking some of the ways we drive we can reap the rewards? For example, save money on parking and petrol, lose calories and get fitter. Avoid being traffic and travel smarter.

Car sharing

Maybe this is something new, that you haven’t tried yet?

It’s a simple solution that can save you hundreds of pounds a year. By reducing the number of cars on the road,  journeys to work are quicker and less stressful. Finding parking can be quicker and easier with less cars on the road, plus the environment benefits too.

If you haven’t got a car you can still car share. You can be the passenger and just share the fuel costs.

Share your journey with one buddy and save £124 per year*!

If you share with two buddies you could save an astounding £165 per year*!

Not only could you save money you could take it in turns to share driving and extend your circle of friends. It’s a cheap, fun and social journey to work.

It’s quick and easy to find a lift share buddy!  Just visit

Plan your journey

Studies show habits form in just two weeks. So it’s no surprise that we take the same route to work or school everyday. With more highway investments in Bridgwater, more options are becoming available for us to travel.

Perhaps it’s time to consider a new route that will work better for you?

Use our map at the bottom of our homepage to view live traffic and incidents on the network. You can also visit Travel Somerset to find out more information on Somerset Highways. You can also report problems and find out where to park.

Get out of the traffic
Sometimes its simple; if 50% of people on the Bridgwater roads travelled at an alternative time, there would be 50% less vehicles moving at the busiest times of day. Even a delay of 15-20 minutes to the start of your journey can make a big difference.

Reduce your journey

Could you leave the car at home twice a week and travel another way?

Perhaps you could mix up your commute by driving  part way and walking or cycling the rest. Just being outdoors helps top up your vitamin D levels.

Try the Travel Change Calculator to help  work out how much money you could save, how much weight you could lose and CO2 emissions you could save by switching some of your journeys from the car to walking, cycling or public transport.

Are you looking for more options?

Try the “My Way” pages to find out what other people in Bridgwater are doing.