Well done to all the Year 6s from North Petherton Primary who last term learnt how to take care of their bikes, in cycle maintenance training delivered as part of The Bridgwater Way. Working in pairs/threes, the children learnt about their bike and how to take good care of it – including regular checks as well as learning how to fix a puncture.

The session was very hands on, with lots of opportunity for practice. Their teacher said that the training was “really enjoyable…it is really useful stuff because they are moving on to secondary school soon and it will help them be more independent. Most of them have done Bikeability but this was much more focussed on the bicycle and how it works …the children had lots of practical work which they loved.” Feedback from the pupils included:

“It was all good!”

“I had never changed a tube before. It will help me feel more confident”

“I know the parts of the bicycle now’”

“I can take apart a wheel!”

“The team work was good”

More schools across Bridgwater will be benefiting from these fantastic training sessions over the coming weeks.  No excuses now not to get out and about on your bikes this summer!  If you would like to learn how to maintain your bike – get in touch with us – we have lots going on around the town for you to get involved in!